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House Sparrow - Passer domesticus

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Size: 5-6"

Males are brown and black streaked with white wing bars,
black on throat, chestnut line through eye. Females streaked above, gray below, stripe behind eye.

Voice: chirp, cheep

Range: Everywhere!!!!!!!

Another example of a species that was brought to this country and now vies with the native species for food and nesting sites. This bird is native to Eurasia and Northern Africa. Since being introduced to this continent in the 1850's, this bird has spread throughout southern Canada and the entire United States.

Not one of our favorite birds at all. In fact we'd classify them "Flyingus Rodentus".  Every year it's a battle with House Sparrows as to whom will use our Bluebird Nest boxes. Nothing like an early morning walk to rid the boxes of sparrow nests on a daily basis from mid March through July. (There goes our standing in the NWF habitat program.)

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