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Misc., Unknowns and Unusable Blurs
Below is a group of photo's that just were too bad to use or of unknown birds.
They're posted just for curiosities sake. Thanks to those who helped with identifications.

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Identified as a Horned Lark by Don G.


JS000865s.jpg (28886 bytes) Identified as a Eastern Wood Peewee by Don G.
Js001812s.jpg (34560 bytes) Identified as a Red Tailed Hawk by Don G.
JS002423s.jpg (24282 bytes) This is a Northern "Yellow - shafted Flicker. We hear these birds all of the time. Actually catching a glimpse of one is rare. This photo was from about 300 feet away.
JS002549s.jpg (25950 bytes) This is the only Pileated Woodpecker we've ever seen. It's from about 200 feet away during a downpour.
JS000848s.jpg (29973 bytes) This bird leaves me and everyone I've shown it to, clueless. Just one of those birds that appeared briefly. No time for a good look or to focus.
JS002450s.jpg (21667 bytes) Identified as a Palm Warbler - Eastern Race by Mary - TN

*Seconded by Don G.


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