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Purple Finch - Carpodacus purpureus

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Size: 6"

The Purple Finch is a sparrow sized bird which is very similar to the House finch in coloration.
The male Purple Finch shows a deeper red on it's head and back than the House Finch
The female Purple Finch is brown and streaked on it's chest and belly.
The young male and the female Purple Finch also have a lighter streak above their eyes..

Voice: A musical warbling.

Range: Breeds across southern Canada and the north east United States. Winters in the Eastern half of the USA and along the Pacific coast area.

There's a bit of controversy over my calling these birds Purple Finches. A fellow birder "more expert than myself", claims these are pictures of House Finches. I claim they are Purple Finches who pass through during migration. Seeing them they really stood out from the House Finches we're used to seeing year round. If there are any true Audubon experts out there looking at these pictures perhaps they could settle the arguement?

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