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Tree Swallow - Tachycineta bicolor

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Size: 5"

Metallic green to blue upperparts and white underparts.

Voice: low chattering noise

Range: Breeds from Alaska through Canada to Newfoundland, south through California , Great Lakes to New England.

The highlight of our 04 Spring was having a pair of Tree Swallows take over one of our Bluebird boxes in our yard.  Normally we'll protect our Bluebird boxes from House Sparrows, but when I saw it was Swallows trying to nest there I said, "Thank you God." and left them alone.

I know I list many birds as my favorites but these Tree Swallows were just a joy to have around. Being 'dive bombed' by protective parents while mowing the lawn. Playing 'peek-a-boo' with the youngsters in the nest box.  Just plain enjoyment watching the flying skills these Swallows possess. I hope they'll be back again.


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