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JSC0160.jpg (33778 bytes) Here is another one of my favorite things.  I can open just about any drawer or cabinet door in the house.  When Mom runs the sweeper or a thunderstorm is coming, you can usually find me in the drawer in the kitchen.  Mom even moved everything so I have my own little hide-away.  Mom and Dad tried putting on child proof catches, but sitting a stool in front of the cabinet I'm not allowed in works better.
People often wonder how Mom and Dad can tell me and Sunny apart.  Mom tells me that it wasn't easy in the begining.   When we were little Mom put a blue collar on Sunny and a red one on me.  For the longest time though, I thought my name was "Where is Sunny?".  After all, that is what I heard whenever I was found alone.  Sunny probably thought his name was "Where is Butch?". 

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I really don't know why it was so difficult to tell us apart.  Just look at the photo above and the one to the left.   You can see that I am much more handsome and I look much more intelligent than my brother.  Below are some more photos of us.  See if you can tell who is who.
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As I said though, this is usually how you find us.

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Etta is usually off somewhere by herself unless food is involved.  While Sunny and I are curled up together napping, Etta is curled up on Mom's lap if at all possible.  Otherwise, she finds a place in the sun.
Every once in a while you can catch all of us in one place at the same time.  Bed for instance. 

We're all getting up there now.  Me and Sunny were born in September of 1990 and Etta is a year younger.  I guess you could say that we are geriatric by cat standards, but we still act like kittens when we have a mind to. 

Here are few more pictures

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