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Js001841.jpg (29416 bytes) The next chapter in my life comes with my Mom and Dad learning a valuable lesson.  I may be good at eating everything I get in my mouthy, but not everything I eat is good for me.  One day I woke up with the worst tummy ache a poor doggy ever had. For a whole weekend I couldn't eat anything or even drink water without getting staggeringly sick.  I went to the vet and they pumped me with fluids, but had no idea what was wrong.
Two weeks later I was sick again, only worse.  The vet thought I had Addison's disease.  I had to stay at the vet's   and they gave me a shot and took blood samples all day long.  I always liked going to the vet but after that time I sort of gets scared of her.  Well they said I didn't have Addison's or some guy named Cushing's disease. I told them I didn't even know them guys. Turns out when my Dad stopped feeding me McDonald's hamburgers, chili dogs, White Castles and Meximelts my tummy got a whole lot better and hasn't bothered me since.

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Js001817.jpg (26097 bytes) Then one Day my Dad found these two doggies walking along the highway. Dad let them in my back yard and boy did that make me mad.  I wanted to go out and play with them, but Dad wouldn't let me. Later a truck with SPCA on it came and took them away.  I sure hope they found their Mommie and Daddy again. Js001816.jpg (38725 bytes)
JS000376.jpg (25625 bytes) Just in case any of you smart guy's think I don't have any friends.  Here's a picture of me with my Lambie, and a picture of me with my Cowsie. I like Cowsie so much I take him out with me for walks. Js000947.jpg (28351 bytes)
Js001765.jpg (29844 bytes) To tell you the truth my bestest friend is my Momsie.  I can't wait till she gets home from work everyday and no matter what she does to me I love it. She feeds me and gives me my pillzies. Js001000.jpg (27942 bytes)
Js001847.jpg (34612 bytes) No I wasn't getting friendly with Rudolph, and NO I didn't sit still long enough to have my picture taken with a Santa hat on.  I do like Christmas and try to keep it all year round. Js001935.jpg (33055 bytes)

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This is Mom's old dog Jessie.

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This is Dad's old doggy Tracer.

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This is the last picture my Dad will post of me or take of me until I get well.  Yes I got real sick again and this time I almost died. It started with some tiny sores on my nose. The vet thought I had Pemphigus which is a disease of the auto immune system. The treatment called for me to take steroids. Only they gave me so many  steroids that they gave me false Cushing's disease.  For the past two months my face is like bloody jelly, I'm bald, covered with oozing sores, my belly is blown up, I have a hard time breathing and lots of my muscles are dead.  The good news is I'm slowly getting better since they stopped giving me steroids. I'm even starting to grow hair in some spots again. The bad news is that my liver may have been permanently ruined. My Dad said "Where's James Herriot and Sigfried when you need them.?????????? " Dad also asks you all to keep your fingers crossed for me.
So do I.

To be continued............. The good Lord willing.

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