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Js003188s.jpg (8561 bytes) Thanks to the good Lord, my friend St. Francis, and my Mommy's excellent nursing, I very slowly got better. I'm okay now. My sores have healed. My hair has grown back. My liver is functioning again, and I'm starting to get quite peppy now and then. I still have scars on my face and tail but even these are beginning to slowly go away.  My Mom and Dad are proud of how gentle and patient I was during my illness. Told ya' I'm a good doggy.
Now I'm getting pretty much back to normal. I've gone back to my hobby of chasing my stinky cat brothers and sister around the house. I also play 'hide and go' go Chucky with my doggy treats, and I do my 'tricksies' every night before bedtime. My favorite thing is to play 'ball' with my Daddy. Only I've got to practice cause I get a little too rough and then they yells at me. Daddy also takes me for rides in the car which I really love.

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Mom and Dad now keep close tabs on me. They don't want me getting sick again 'cause it gives them gray hairs. They do their best to resist my excellent mooching efforts and routines. You would think they were getting me in shape for the Olympics or something.

So you see thanks to God my doggie story goes on.  Hopefully my stories will all be good from now on.



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