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All of the photos on this site, including the banners and buttons, are all our personal property and copyrighted material. As a safeguard every picture on this site is marked and proof of our ownership is a simple step. That being said, the bulk of the email received for this site are requests for the use of our photos. Rather than answer each email we ask that you follow the rules listed below.

Who can use our photos? Students, teachers, educational institutions are welcome to use a photo or two for any non-profit project.

Who can't use our photos? Any competing Birding sites, any for profit use by anyone for any reason.

What do you consider 'a photo or two'? Exactly what it means. We don't want you using all of our photos. Please keep it with in reason.

Who gets credit for the photo? John Slivoski - Backyard Birding - Our Feathered Friends

Do I need to supply link information?  If the photo is being used online a link must be provided back to the index page of this website.  The link should be placed either on your links page, or the page where the photo is being used.

Can I just link to your picture or have your picture called up from your site on my page? Absolutely not. In fact I'd advise against it. Doing that is stealing our bandwidth and we are then paying for our picture to be on your site. Our logs tell us exactly where our photo's are being called up. If it happens too often I can and will replace the photo with another totally undesirable one.

How do I use your picture then? Right click on the photo you want to use and 'save picture as' to save it to your computer then upload it onto your site.

Can I change the name of the picture once I download it? Not without going against copyright laws. So if possible don't do it.

Do you still want to be contacted if I use your photos? It would be nice if you did. Sometimes it's fun to see where and how our photos are being used.

I'm an author and I'm writing this peachy bird book can I use your pictures? Sure, the beginning rate for a one time use of any of our photos for profit is $100 per photo. Rates are assigned by use and potential earnings. Email us to begin negotiations.

I have this heavy metal band called the 'Tree Sparrows' can I use a photo for an album cover? Most likely 'no way dude'.  No way fer sure if your a member of the RIAA. Way if you send me a check for $50000.

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