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Good Meowning (or Evening as the case may be).  I'm Butch Cassidy and the guy with me is my brother, the Sundance Kid.  We're getting older now, but once upon a time we were in a cage in the pet shop window.  Mom couldn't decide between us so she decided to bring us both home with her.  That was just fine with us as we didn't want to be separated anyway. 
Of course, we had no idea what was in store for us.  As soon as we got home, Mom opened the box and what was peering in but a big, old, furry dog.  Boy did that scare us.  We spent most of the next couple of days hiding behind a curtain.  Sunny soon found out that dog was a pretty good sort and a good source of warmth when you want to curl up for a good snooze.  I'm afraid I never got that friendly.

Of course, being cats, we can curl up and sleep just about anywhere.  This is a picture of us on top of the table.   That's Sunny about to slip off.  Here are a few other pictures of us in some of our favorite spots.  Mostly we are inseparable.  Where you find one, you'll find the other.
Then one day a friend of Mom's found a kitten wandering around all alone on the highway.  Mom took her in and named her Etta Place.  I had fun poking at her through the cage bars the first day (Mom thought it best to keep us separated until she made sure Etta wasn't carrying some nasty germs).   We guess she's okay, but we still prefer each other's company.  Frankly, she can be a real pain if you know what I mean.  Never a moment's peace!

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Since Mom seems to think that she's real cute, we put up with her whining.  Most of the time she leaves us alone.  Dad calls her the spewasaurus.  She has a lot of trouble with hair balls.  Nothing seems to work.  Either that or it works too well and up they come.  We're a lot bigger than she is, but she has a terrible temper.  You better not bother her if she doesn't want to be bothered.
This is Sundance chewing on his tail.   He loves to roll around on the floor until he gets it in his mouth.  He also loves eating Christmas trees, which may be the end of him yet.  Dad used to play ball with Sunny. That is until the day he threw a regulation baseball up the stairs and before Sunny could get out of the way it bonked him on the noggin'.  Dad doesn't do that anymore.

This is me 'AKA Wookie' birdwatching on TV.  Mom says I make a better door than a window.  I like a lot of other things too - like lording it over the rest of the guys that I AM KING.  Guess I just turned out to be the alpha of the cats around here.  Someone has to be the boss.  Sunny says I don't have to rub it in.

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